What do I need to know about Vaping


What is Vaping?

  • Vaping is the act of inhaling vaporised eLiquid via an electronic device. The electronic device heats up a coil that vaporises an eLiquid-saturated wick and subsequently produces vapour

What you need to know about your Tank:

  • Different Tanks provide different vaping experiences, since they all come with unique airflow designs, eLiquid capacities and air-flow chimneys
  • Weekly tank maintenance is good practice. Disassemble your tank, and wash it under running hot water. This will keep it at optimal performance, and will facilitate optimal eLiquid flavour
  • Do not over-fill your tank, as this could result in spit-back or leakage. Spit-back occurs when there is eLiquid residue in the chimney of your tank. To resolve this, wash out your tank and ensure the chimney is eLiquid-free
  • Do not vape your tank below the wicking-chambers of your atomizer. The eLiquid covering the wicking-chambers keeps your organic cotton saturated. Once the cotton dries out, the heat of the coil will burn the cotton. If this happens, you will need to change your coil.

   Consider the following when choosing the right TANK for you:

  • Design - How does it look and operate in terms of performance and maintenance?
  • Refilling -  It should be easy and spillage-free
  • Tank-size (capacity) - Will determine your refill intervals
  • Top and bottom leak resistant
  • Sufficient Airflow - To suit your vaping draw


What you need to know about your Mod:

  • A Mod is the device housing external or internal batteries that connects and transfers power to the atomizer (or commonly referred to as your coil)
  • Mods are currently the most popular devices on the market due to their effectiveness and wide array of features including the emergence of high power devices. Mods use an internal battery or replaceable IMR or INR hybrid lithium batteries. Users can adjust their output power by adjusting their voltage, wattage or in some cases both. The Mods stocked by Cloud Chamber give a much larger range of output options, compatible atomizers and greater customization of your vaping experience overall

   Consider the following when choosing the right MOD for you:

  • Comfort - In terms of design. How does it feel in your hand or pocket?
  • Battery – How much battery life do you require?
  • The ability to produce the right amount of power to suit your vaping needs with any of your tanks and their coils
  • Charging Port – Enabling you to charge the battery (or batteries) with a USB charger
  • A spring-loaded 510 Connector that will suit 99% of the tanks on the market, and prevent malfunctioning connections or misfiring

   Note: All our mods comply with all of the above key considerations for choosing the right MOD for you

What you need to know about your Atomizer (coils):

  • Coils play an important role in your vaping experience. They facilitate the cloud and taste produced by your e-liquid
  • When installing a new coil, allow the eLiquid 5 – 10 minutes to saturate the organic cotton around the coil. Failing to do this will result in a dry-hit, and burn your organic cotton
  • Never exceed the recommended wattages of your coil. Coil resistances are designed for their recommended wattage ranges. Failing to comply may result in burnt cotton that will saturate your eLiquid
  • Always ensure that your draw supplies sufficient airflow through the coil when firing your Mod. Insufficient airflow whilst firing your Mod could result in burnt cotton, or a significantly shorter lifespan of your coil

What you need to know about Cloud Chamber Premium eLiquid:

  • Our eLiquids are made from three primary ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and both natural and/or artificial flavours
  • Each flavour concentrate supplier we procure from are required to provide us with safety information regarding their concentrates; including Material Safety Data Sheets and a description of the extraction methods used to create the flavours concentrates. All flavour concentrates in Cloud Chamber eLiquids are certified food-grade and are therefore safe to ingest, though not recommended for eating and/or drinking
  • Vegetable glycerine (also known as vegetable glycerol or glycerine) is an organic substance extracted from vegetable oils (mostly palm and coconut oils). The compound is clear, colourless, sweet, and has an oily consistency. Its chemical structure reveals atoms of hydrogen, three atoms of carbon and three groups of hydroxide which create hydrogen bounds with water, thus leading to the thick, oily formula
  • Propylene glycol is a chemical made by reaction of propylene oxide with water. Propylene glycol is commonly used in a wide range of consumer products, including food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
  • Cloud Chamber does not use diacetyl-based concentrates, nor do we work with suppliers that still sell diacetyl-based concentrates
  • All Cloud Chamber eLiquids and recipes are designed, mixed, bottled and steeped onsite in Australia at the Cloud Chamber lab

   Consider the following when choosing the right Cloud Chamber eLiquid flavour for you:

  • Treat your senses - An eLiquid needs to be palatable and delicious. Look to choose a flavour or flavour profile you generally love
  • Fruity, citrus and tobacco flavours - Provide a more evident throat-hit than dessert flavours. If you enjoy a throat-hit, you’ll get this from our fruity flavours
  • Dessert flavours - Are decadent and smooth
  • Not all Cloud Chamber recipes are considered ADV’s (all day vapes) to everyone, but the majority of them are. Some flavours are designed for flavour parings with other foods or drinks. It generally comes down to personal preference, as does with all other food and beverages
  • Cloud Chamber eLiquids are not loaded with sweeteners or sucralose. Sugars caramelize around the coil, and shorten the lifespan of coils significantly. Cloud Chamber eLiquids are designed for optimal flavour and optimal lifespan of your coils
  • Cloud Chamber eLiquids all range between 70% - MAX VG. The percentage of PG does depend on each unique recipe and usually ranges anywhere between 15%-30%. Ensure that your Atomizer is compatible with high-VG eLiquids
  • Cloud Chamber eLiquids are designed for sub-ohm vaping, where the resistance of your atomizer (Coil) < than 1.0

   Note: All our eLiquids are designed to be compatible with all of the hardware we sell

What you need to know about Nicotine and Sub-Ohm Vaping:

  • Nicotine is usually one of the four key elements of an eLiquid, along with PG, VG and flavouring
  • Nicotine is an alkaloid extracted from the tobacco plant Nicotiana tabacum. It can be synthesised but this an expensive process, so is not commonly used
  • NTN (Non-tobacco Nicotine) is known as the purest and most expensive form of nicotine globally
  • Nicotine guidelines for sub-ohm vaping are as follow:
    • 6mg (maximum)
    • 3mg (minimum)

   Note: Exceeding 6mg of nicotine in sub-ohm vaping will result in a “scratchy” or “harsh” throat-hit when vaping

   **No Cloud Chamber eliquids contain Nicotine