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Ice Cold Watermelon e-Juice

New to our “ARCTIC” range:  ICE COLD Sweet Watermelon blended with crisp Kiwi, subtly infused with Fijian Coconut



This Double-Kiwi Watermelon Coconut recipe is a nice recipe that adds a rare complexity to this fruity vape. By design, Fruity flavours have less complexities to them than dessert flavours or ice cream flavours. What I aim for in my Fruity vapes are “mouthfeel”, that juiciness you get when you bite into certain fruits. The Watermelon, and Coconut has achieved the complexity I was after in this recipe, whilst the other supporting fruits adds to the “mouthfeel”. This recipe gave me the added bonus of a beautiful aroma you’ll get from this flavour too. You can expect an interesting mix of forward and back notes with Watermelon on the inhale and Coconut on the exhale. The sweetness derives from the green and yellow Kiwi fruits, so don’t expect a sweet vape here. It’s a fresh and natural fruity vape.  Hope you enjoy it!

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